“Slow Animals”, Madame CLAUDE, Berlin

Since antiquity, the concepts of imitation and mimesis have been important for meaning of artistic expression. Both Plato and Aristotle defined ‘mimesis’ as an imitation of nature. Music involves mimesis. Musical materials and structures find resemblances and echoes in the non-musical world. As Demers states “sound is a sign that indicates something beyond itself and as such can never exist as a pure abstraction” (Demers, 2010:37). In this piece named ‘Slow Animals’, I created the feeling of three- dimensional ambience and depth of a forest. Sounds fuse together and phase apart with the search for the essence of organic movements include an insect walking, a bird flying, an animal breathing and a river flowing.

Hardware Used: MS-2000, Kaossilator, DL-4, Yamaha MG102C
Software Used:
Project Type: Performance

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