Istanbul Soundscape Project

We approach the daily urban life from a sonic perspective and claim the acoustical ecology of Istanbul.

Günlük kent yaşamına sonik bir perspektiften yaklaşıyor ve İstanbul’un sessel çehresini ve akustik ekolojisini sahipleniyoruz.


Seretan uses sequencers, drum machines and samplers to create distinct style of music which is based on additive structures, sustained textures and unusual combination of sounds.

Transferans Records

Transferans Müzik
Istanbul’s new record label


soundcollage is solo project from Istanbul, formed in 2010 playing ambient music. He is effecting loop based sound elements with analog pedals, creating sunken melodies with deep rhythms and playing ‘drone songs’.


Jungleskin’s music is made up of deep synth chords, layered vocals and primal rhythms.