New York Electronics, 2013

While at New York, riding the subway was part of my daily routine. During my journeys, I started to become intrigued by the ambient noises. I was also worried about evolving technology rendering these rather ancient, mechanic sounds obsolete. Combined with my interest, this anxiety soon turned into an obsession about capturing and archiving the ambient sounds of the subway and led to my project: New York Electronics, 2013. 
In this audio installation audience is invited to listen soundscape composition of New York City. Sound materials recorded in May 2013. Outside conditions (wind, urban noises, luminosity, traffic, temperature, …) are manipulated and emphasized in the sonic space. The final work diffused in real time with quadrophonic system. This installation proposes a mixture to “musique concrète” and soundscape.

Hardware Used: Tascam DR-40 Recorder
Software Used: Ableton Live
Project Type: Performance – Installation

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