Baklava, 14 min, video installation

“As Nasreddin Hodja walks towards his house in the evening, he meets a chatty farmer who loves baklava.
– Nasreddin Hodja, earlier I saw a man passing by with a large tray of baklava.
– That’s none of my business!
– But the man brought the tray into your house.
– Then it’s none of your business either!”
Influenced by a Molla Nasreddin anectode spotted in a baklava store in Berlin-Wedding, “Baklava” mentions the psychology of being in between two cities. How does it feel like being in-between, both mentally and physically? The taste of a layered pastry dessert brings layers of memories and past. The film creates analogies with food and speculate on cultural differences between societies by reflecting on a personal migration story from Turkey to Europe.