Acoustic Horizon

Acoustic Horizon” is a kinetic sound installation that deals with the acoustic relationship between the human and its environment. Using a soundscape approach and influenced by humanity’s collective narrative, the installation reflects on both the history and present environmental quality of the Valentinswerder Island. It creates future scenarios by creating connections between concepts that we see as opposing such as distant/close, nature/technology, conscious/unconscious, natural/artificial or physical and emotional.

It is a performative/interactive installation that consists of a horn-shaped sculpture, transistors, solar panels, a location sensor (compass) and shakers. The kinetic sound installation works with solar panels and can be rotated. It brings distant sounds to the island and lets the audience listen to the environment. According to the direction of the horns and with the help of electronic compass, it plays soundscapes from different parts of the world by reflecting the history of the place. The acoustic horn amplifies the sounds of the environment, bringing together far away past, present & soundscapes and mixing them in a performative way.

Özcan Ertek, 2021