Acoustic Mirror

The movements of sound and the acoustic reflections that echo around, forming another movement of time and space, like a ghostly other, bringing to life the life that is. These voices unlock the past, tell the present, and expand the future.

Influencing from ‘’Acoustic Mirror’’ technology that have been used as radar to detect approaching aircrafts, ‘’Acoustic Mirror’’ invites audience to take a journey into the resonance environment created by the kinetic aluminium shape and transistors, which host a vibrant, hypnotic world of sounds and soundscapes from different geographies.

Encoded sounds speculatively articulate the collective history by reflect upon the Futurist Period to stimulate human fears, desires, and hopes in the context of technology. Which sounds from the history have been associated and transferred by science & technology? By which means? How have society and culture appropriated these sounds and means, and how people themselves listened to the objects, machines, bodies and the world they live with?


Özcan Ertek, 2021