Body Talk

The Gezi protests changed the political scene in Turkey. It was not just local; it was global and influenced people all over the world. People were in the streets. I wanted to reflect the grouping of people in resistance and establish a relationship between the behavior of people during the demonstrations and the flocking behavior of animals. ‘Flocking Behaviour’ is the phenomenon of a global behavior originating from the interactions of many simple, local behaviours. ‘Body Talk’ is an installation about thousands of bodies who acted together in close proximity during the Gezi Park protests of June 2013. It simulates these behaviours found in birds and fish. It may lead to a new understanding of emergent behaviors of people in demonstrations. I focused my energy to control the amount the texture deforms from the flow of sound and the granularity of the texture.

Hardware Used: –
Software Used: Ableton Live
Project Type: Performance-Installation

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