Bedroom Spirit

Perceiving today’s music takes time, because a lot of objects and sound events has been crammed into it. The influence of technology has led us to create complex music with many objects. We are producing in bedroom-studio environments. We don’t have any economic constraints over the amount of man- hours that we can spend on our work. Hours of attentive listening allows us to store musical sounds and imagery in our minds. We are saturated with influences and inputs which allows us to make sophisticated and compelling music almost effortlessly. In contrast, ‘Bedroom Spirit’ proposes a collage of textures that evokes a single grandiose landscape. It uses disorientation to distort the sense of time, direction and recognition of sound events. By compressing the atmosphere and bringing absolute focus on most distant elements in the ‘landscape’, it displays growing obsession with conjuring far-away landscapes and voyages through a style consistIng of melancholy and Proustian nostalgia.

Hardware Used: –
Software Used: Ableton Live
Project Type: Installation

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